Welcome to Gouri Lal Hypnobirthing

Imagine overcoming your fears and feeling in control during childbirth.

Imagine a calm, peaceful birth.

Imagine nurturing an extra-special bond with your baby before, during and after birth.

If you are looking for an accredited evidence-based comprehensive birth education course that also enables you to increase your chances of having a positive and empowering childbirth, then these hypnobirthing sessions may be suitable for you.

Hypnobirthing focuses on the whole you, helping to heal aspects of the inner you that may be hindering your ability to birth in a positive way.  As well as helping you through birth, the positive benefits of hypnotherapy will stay with you for life.

Hypnobirthing is all about you. Together we will explore your personal hopes and fears and focus on planning a birth that feels not just manageable but empowering.

Gouri uses the Easibirthing (R) Hypnosis for Birth method, an evidenced-based course, developed alongside UK midwives.

How can Easibirthing (R) help me?

  • Help you to create and experience a birth with positive memories attached
  • Reduce or eliminate your fears
  • Enable you to deeply relax
  • Significantly reduce your need for pain relieving medication
  • Increase the rate of spontaneous vaginal birth
  • Enable you to maintain and control labour sensations
  • Reduce incidence of post-natal depression
  • Promote lactation
  • Help you to have a calmer baby
  • Overcome needle or hospital phobia
  • Reduce morning sickness
  • Help to turn breech babies



Take some time to look around the site and read some more about hypnobirthing in Manchester.  If, after finding out more, you’d like to take up my offer of a free initial consultation, simply use the contact me page and I’ll get straight back to you.


I am a highly experienced hypnotherapist and Reiki teacher offering hypnobirthing and holistic birth preparation in Manchester.  My practice is based in Didsbury, South Manchester, M20 and is within easy reach of Withington, Didsbury, East Didsbury, West Didsbury, Chorlton, Burnage, Stockport, Cheadle, Sale, Altrincham, Trafford and Central Manchester.  To get in touch, telephone me on 07837380665 or e-mail me, in confidence, at hypreiki@aol.co.uk. To simply book an appointment telephone the Burton Road Clinic on 0161 446 2533