Fear of childbirth can be treated with hypnotherapy

scared of childbirth hypnobirthing in manchester

Scared about giving birth? Many women have natural fears about childbirth, but for around 10% of women, the fear of childbirth is so crippling that they may avoid getting pregnant, despite their wish to be a mother. For those who are pregnant, many of those with such fear insist on C-sections or in extreme cases, termination of pregnancy. Such a morbid fear of labour is actually a serious condition, often referred to as tokophobia.

Why is a fear of childbirth still prevalent in today’s society despite medical advances? Some theories actually suggest that it’s actually the medicalisation of childbirth that causes or perpetuates the fear- visions of screaming women in extreme pain, medical equipment, drugs, bright lights, discomfort and of course, with any medical procedure, comes risk. Risk of infection, risk of things going wrong, risk of death.

Another reason such a fear of childbirth exists is the constant portrayal of childbirth in the media as a painful, frightening, gruesome ordeal. Films, soap operas, magazines and birth stories about horrendous birth experiences fill our mind subliminally from a very young age, and combined with our rational fear of the unknown so we truly believe that’s what childbirth is all about.

One of the most high profile ladies to voice her ambivalence about childbirth is actress Helen Mirren. She was shown a childbirth video in her early teens in school and said “I swear it traumatised me to this day. I haven’t had young children and now I can’t appear at something to do with childbirth. It definitely disgusts me”.

So, why do my hypnosis for childbirth sessions Manchester help people overcome a fear of labour?

More and more evidence is building to support the fact that tokophobia responds exceptionally well to hypnotherapy. Through visualization and other powerful techniques even the most deep-rooted and strongest negative beliefs about childbirth can be changed forever. So with a new, realistic belief that childbirth is a natural physiological process which your body is designed to carry out, you actually look forward to giving birth.

Hypnobirthing in Manchester uses the easibirthing ® method of hypnosis for childbirth. A long-established proven method, easibirthing ® eliminates your fear of childbirth and increases your chances of a natural birth in which you remain relaxed, calm and able to manage any sensations. Plus, your baby will be calmer and your chances of efficient lactation will increase.

If you are thinking of investing in ensuring that your childbirth is the best it can be, contact me for more information or to arrange your free consultation so we can talk through your worries and make a plan that best suits you.

This post was written by Dr.Gouri Laher, a fully qualified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master offering combination hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions in Manchester for a variety of issues such as stress and anxiety, weight loss, stopping smoking and pregnancy and childbirth.  My practice is based in Withington, South Manchester, M20 and is within easy reach of Didsbury, Chorlton, Stockport, Cheadle and central Manchester.  If you are interested in hypnotherapy and Reiki in Manchester or simply want to get in touch and book a free initial consultation, telephone me on 07837380665 or e-mail me, in confidence, at hypreiki@aol.co.uk

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