Stressed? Its your animal instinct..

Hypnotherapy for stress manchester
Overcome Stress with Hypnosis

 How many times a day do you feel stressed? Are you even aware of what is happening in your body when you are stressed? Imagine yourself now in one of those many challenging situations-picture your responses:  perhaps your heart rate increases, your breathing becomes short and shallow, you may actually “feel anger” rising up as your muscles are tensing, your throat constricting, or perhaps you shout out in rage.  

You may already know that this response to difficulties in our life is actually an instinctive response known as the “fight/flight/fright” response. We respond to the difficulty by releasing stress hormones which flood our blood. In our primitive days, such a response was useful, in fact it was more than useful, it was essential for our survival. When we saw a threat such as a tiger, or a competitor, the stress hormones released into our blood, caused our muscles to tense up and our heart rate to increase, in preparation to fight or to run away and the act of fighting or running “used up” the stress hormone so our body returned to normal.

Of course, our challenges in this day and age are rarely wild animals! Instead we respond to everyday situations such as difficulties at work or with the kids as if they were a threat to our survival, and the stress hormones kick in- and are often useless in dealing without challenge.  In addition, as we do not actually run away from these situations, the hormones are not used up and our body does not go back to being normal. The more this response is elicited, the more the hormone builds up, leading to a chronic state of stress- so common in today’s society.

I probably don’t need to remind you that increased levels of stress hormone have short-term negative effects such as headaches, IBS, disturbed sleep and depression. However, did you know that stress can be responsible for more serious effects such as:

  • Impaired cognitive performance
  • Suppressed thyroid function
  • Blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia
  • Decreased bone density
  • Decrease in muscle tissue
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, slowed wound healing, and other health consequences
  • Increased abdominal fat associated with being overweight and at increased risk of heart attacks and strokes

So, why do my hypnosis for stress sessions Manchester help people overcome a chronic state of stress? Because stress responses are so instinctive, stress management strategies must be developed at a deep level of mental awareness, under hypnosis. We need to train our mind to respond in the most appropriate and useful way- and also for this new response to become second nature to us. This means “undoing” years of programmed reactions and creating new, healthier programmes within our subconscious. The Reiki element of the therapy enables complete balancing on a deep energetic level, as well as ensuring your body is wonderfully relaxed.

The result? A more relaxed you, able to respond to everyday situations with calmness, control and mental clarity.

If you are thinking of  making your life more relaxed and productive and your future healthier and happier, contact me for more information or to arrange your free consultation so we can talk through your worries and make a plan that best suits you.

This post was written by Dr.Gouri Laher, a fully qualified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master offering combination hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions in Manchester for a variety of issues such as stress and anxiety, weight loss, stopping smoking and pregnancy and childbirth.  My practice is based in Withington, South Manchester, M20 and is within easy reach of Didsbury, Chorlton, Stockport, Cheadle and central Manchester.  If you are interested in hypnotherapy and Reiki in Manchester or simply want to get in touch and book a free initial consultation, telephone me on 07837380665 or e-mail me, in confidence, at


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