Sibling Nurture

AS Birth image 2I thoroughly enjoyed teaching Hypnobirthing to Ally and her very supportive sister. They have such a great relationship and I just knew they would have a good experience during birth. Here is Ally’s birth story.

After a very traumatic birth experience with my first born I was apprehensive about giving birth to my second. I had heard of Hypnobirthing and thought it was worth a shot. My sister was my birth partner and came along to the sessions. 

When the time came I was woken up at 6am with definite contractions. Immediately I started to apply the breathing techniques and was able to stay calm and relaxed. I spent the day in the garden at home with my husband and 6 year old eating ice cream and colouring in, I even managed a couple of games of swingball! Throughout the day the contractions came closer and more intense. At 4pm I asked my sister to come over as the contractions were 10 minutes apart. 
For the next 2 hours, my sister helped me remain focussed and stay relaxed, she read the affirmations gently stroked my back through each contraction. At around 6pm we made the decision to leave for the hospital.
On arrival I was admitted to the Midwifery-Lead unit and was shown to the delivery suite. I had hoped for a water birth but was told all pools were in use so I made myself comfortable in the kneeling position and stayed focussed on my breathing and my sister played the music for birth and talked me though each contraction.
The time between being admitted and giving birth was 50 minutes. The midwife commented that the position I was in was helping baby move down nicely. The pain at this point was intense but I felt better prepared and managed to maintain breathing, I was offered gas and air but didn’t accept any until the last few minutes before she was born. At one point I tensed up and notice how much more painful the contractions felt. The third stage lasted 7 minutes and my little girl was born. She was beautiful and pink and healthy. The midwife placed her on my chest and there was an instant bond and feeling of love, I couldn’t believe how perfect she was. 
Overall the experience was controlled and calm and the breathing techniques really worked for me and helped me to focus on something other than the intensity of the contractions. I had managed to stay at home until I was fully dilated and when I got to hospital, there were no examinations and the midwife was very supportive of me having the birth experience I want. 
In comparison to my first experience, this was very straight forward and I felt a lot calmer, confident and in control, the 3 c’s mantra of Hypnobirthing. I can say with 100% confidence that Hypnobirthing made this experience what it was.
I’m now 4 weeks into my newborn adventure and I’m still using the Hypnobirthing techniques and recordings to help me relax and fall asleep in between night feeds. This whole experience has been invaluable. My sister is also sleeping much better thanks to the techniques she learned in the sessions!

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