Do you want to speak in a more relaxed and assertive way?

Can you imagine actually looking forward to speaking?

Is it time to let go of the anger or resentment you feel about stammering?

Hypnotherapy can help confront stammering in a safe and supportive way

No-one knows exactly what causes someone to start stammering.  It’s a complex subject that’s difficult to understand, but what I do know – from personal experience of living with my own stammer – is that the anxiety and fear of speaking that can develop alongside a stammer can be crippling; leading some people to avoid speaking altogether.

“By chance I came across Gouri’s therapy while at a Stammering conference and it was the best coincidence I could have hoped for. Prior to meeting Gouri I was quite sceptical of hypnotherapy and Reiki but after my course of sessions I was very pleasantly surprised. Gouri’s sessions tackled my underlying emotional problems with my stammer, as a result I am now less emotionally stressed, strong minded and confident. I no longer feel the burden of all the emotional stress I had built up over the years. Gouri is very professional and honest in what her treatment can offer. I would definitely recommend Dr Gouri Laher.”
Somaira Ali, Manchester.

Hypnotherapy for stammering in Manchester

Avoiding certain words or phrases that make you stammer can quickly develop into a fear of speaking or a reluctance to socialise.  Learning to live happily alongside your stammer might sound like a strange concept but that it what my hypnotherapy and Reiki for stammering is designed to help you do.  I will help you face up to your innermost thoughts, all of your emotions about stammering and all of the pent up feelings of resentment that you may have harboured for years about stammering and other people’s reactions to it.

It’s not a cure, but it is a new way of living

There is no known cure for stammering. My hypnotherapy won’t make your stammer magically disappear but it will help you become comfortable with stammering.  Conventional speech therapy usually focuses on desensitisation and fluency building techniques.  Whilst it can be very effective, and work well alongside my own therapies, there is almost always an element of backsliding.  It’s a bit like putting on an accent and when the accent drops, you’re left with all of the old feelings of anger and resentment.

My hypnotherapy for stammering will give you the skills to deal with your stammer, to let go of the fear and anxiety and to feel comfortable stammering in public to friends, family or strangers alike.  What’s more, these skills will stay with you forever so that whenever you slip into a bad patch of stammering, you’ll be able to stay positive and happy.

As a stammerer and a Speech and Language Therapist I am very impressed with Gouri’s Hypnotherapy programme that deals with the underlying issues associated with stammering. She is very honest and knowledgeable about stammering. Her programme can help to reduce the negative emotions and beliefs stammering can create. From personal experience it is the reduction of negative thoughts and emotions about stammering that is the key to enjoying speaking in any situation. Gouri is very professional and her manner puts you at ease straight away. The Hypnotherapy session I had left me feeling fantastic and if anyone is considering Hypnotherapy I would recommend Gouri.

Phil Barber, Chester 

Mentally rehearse situations in the safety of hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is designed to treat the whole you, helping to make you feel healthier and happier in all aspects of your daily life.  As well as facing up to your past and present feelings about stammering, I will also help you mentally rehearse situations that you usually struggle with. Confronting these situations from the safety of hypnosis lets you rehearse situations in a highly relaxed state that will bring lasting benefits.

What happens when you visit me in Manchester for hypnotherapy for stammering treatment?

I offer all of  my clients a free initial consultation.  During this first session, I will learn about how you feel about your stammer, how other people have reacted to it and how your stammer is affecting your life as a whole.  Simply talking openly about your stammer like this will often feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. We will then go on to make a plan for your therapy that aims to achieve your goals with regards not only to your stammer, but to your whole life.

Although the aim of my hypnotherapy for stammering is not to improve fluency, a by-product of releasing all of the fear and anxiety is that fluency often improves as a result.

In Manchester hypnotherapy for stammering treatments have already helped people to change the way they feel about stammering, letting go of the past and moving forward into a happier, more confident future.

Are you ready to let go of the past, and begin a life of confident speaking?

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