Stop smoking

quit smoking with hypnosis
Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to stop smoking without any of the usual cravings

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 30 years could cost you up to £54,780.

Actually smoking that many cigarettes will take up two entire years of your life.

Can you imagine a healthier life where you no longer even want to smoke?

Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking.*

The chances are you probably do know all of that already, after all, every smoker knows how much time they waste smoking or how much money it costs to feed the habit.  The fact that you’ve visited this site suggests you already know that hypnotherapy can be a really effective way to stop smoking without any of the usual cravings, or perhaps, you’ve just reached desperation point.

You see, stopping smoking through willpower or nicotine replacement means pain… lots of it.  Neither are there any guarantees that breaking through the physical addiction will cure your psychological cravings.  That’s what leads so many smokers to quit, only to start smoking again a week, month or many years later.

Hypnotherapy deals with the whole you.  My powerful hypnotherapy sessions are a simple, chemical-free, effortless and effective way to quit smoking.

There are no nasty withdrawals, there are no nagging doubts and because I deal with the underlying causes of your smoking habit, you will be able to quit forever.

“I came to stop smoking after trying patches. The session was very relaxing. I havent smoked since, been a few weeks now. Feel much more relaxed and confident too. Recommend this hypnosis.”
Anon, Manchester.

My smoking cessation therapy will help:

  • You become a happy and healthy non-smoker
  • NOT replace one addiction with another
  • Feel happier and more relaxed in everyday life
  • You be confident and optimistic about the future

Stop wasting your health, time and money and call me now to begin your life as calm and contented non-smoker.

*(New Scientist, vol 136 issue 1845)

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and Reiki Master offering combination hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions for a variety of issues such as stress and anxiety, weight loss, stopping smoking and pregnancy and childbirth.  My practice is based in Didsbury, South Manchester, M20 and is within easy reach of Withington, Didsbury, West Didsbury, Chorlton, Burnage, Stockport, Cheadle, Sale, Altrincham, Trafford and central Manchester.  To get in touch, telephone me on 07837380665 or e-mail me, in confidence, at To simply book an appointment telephone the Burton Road Clinic on 0161 446 2533